Domain was founded in December 2015 and is run by two webmistresses: Aelyn and her sister Cerine. Together, we are both in charge of fanlisting designs, coding and maintainance. We house mainly anime and video game subjects, as well as other sections approved by The Fanlistings and The Anime Fanlistings. This fanlisting hub is also part of the Celestial Oracle Studio.

Skylude was a precursor of Sky Tempest which was hosted on a subdomain and was soley run by Aelyn. Sky Tempest closed down and a new birth of Skylude flourished now hosted as a fanlisting collective domain under Cerine and co-owned by Aelyn. The name derived from the similar meaning of heaven, sky and stars. The purpose of this collective is to showcase our fanlisting subjects we love. We also believe in the philosophy that quality over quantity in our content and designs balances out the fanlisting as a whole. It's also a learning process and improvement to our designing skill for us rather than just fanlisting maintainance.

Sky- (noun) - the region of the atmosphere and outer space seen from the earth
-lude (suffix) - to play, run, lead, or perform


You are currently viewing the second version of Skylude featuring Megurine Luka from VOCALOID. We decided to make the layout to something more bright for a change. This layout is made from Photoshop CC, coded in Dreamweaver CC, and is best viewed on a 1600x900 screen resolution optimized in Google Chrome. Fanlisting and KIM script is powered by Listing Admin 2.4. jQuery Sliding Menu Plugin by Codrops. All credits and resources are listed on Equinox.
Last modified: October 28, 2019
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Skylude is maintained and designed by Aelyn and Cerine since 2015, unless otherwise stated.
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