Our lovely affiliates~ Please pay our friends a visit and do join their fanlistings as well! Each affiliate are based from the CLAMP series theme There are 6 affiliates total. Affiliation is now by invitation only. If you would like to link exchange instead, feel free to contact us!

Medli as Suu
     from CLOVER
June 01, 2016    569

Mishiro as Belldandy
     from Ah! Megami-sama
October 01, 2016    447

Annie as Hanato Kobato
     from Kobato.
December 01, 2016    513

Evey as Kishuu Arashi
     from X/1999
October 06, 2016    438

Vii as Hana
     from GATE 7
December 02, 2016    534

Shinju as Chii
     from Chobits
September 23, 2016    350

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