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Naruto - Haruno Sakura Naruto - Hyuuga Hinata Naruto - Uchiha Itachi Naruto - Uchina Sasuke Naruto - Uzumaki Naruto Persona 5: Akechi Goro Pokemon - Arcanine Pokemon - Arceus Pokemon - Articuno Pokemon - Chikorita Pokemon - Clefairy Pokemon - Cresselia Pokemon - Dialga Pokemon - Eevee Pokemon - Espeon Pokemon - Fennekin Pokemon - Flareon Pokemon - Giratina Pokemon - Glaceon Pokemon - Ho-oh Pokemon - Jirachi Pokemon - Jolteon Pokemon - Leafeon Pokemon - Litten Pokemon - Lugia Pokemon - Moltres Pokemon - Ninetales Pokemon - Pikachu Pokemon - Sylveon Pokemon - Umbreon Pokemon - Vaporeon Pokemon - Yveltal Rurouni Kenshin - Himura Kenshin Saigo ni Hitotsu Dake Onegaishite mo Yoroshii Desu ka? - Scarlet el Vandaminion X/1999 - Kishuu Arashi

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